Making Sense
of Life

We are your technical resource offering the support you need to
understand the policies you currently own and the ones you are
considering. We'll help you understand the contract and the
obligations, sorting out the facts from the sales pitch.
The information you really need to know.

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Welcome To Optimal Insurance

We offer factual information and advice to consumers and their professional advisors about the Life Insurance they currently own or the Life Insurance they are considering for a purchase. As technical advisors in Life Insurance for over 30 years, we know that the vast majority of policy owners are missing valuable information regarding their policies. Most professional advisors haven't the technical knowledge or expertise to dissect and analyze these complicated financial contracts.

Why You Need A Consumer Advocate

You Deserve To Know The Truth.

You need to know what you own, how your policy will perform and the details specific to your contract that make or break it. “You die, we pay” only takes 4 words to promise, so why is your contract 48 pages long? Those details matter. We have the expertise to navigate that information and produce meaningful analysis.

Every policy owner should have their holdings reviewed on a regular basis and most importantly when life events alter your circumstances.

Anyone considering a new Life Insurance purchase needs to seek out a second opinion that will concentrate on the math and the contractual obligations … not opinions, promises or illustrations. Your Life Insurance purchase will probably be one of the most influential financial decisions you will ever make.

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