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1We provide in depth consultation on product, performance and outcome

After years in the industry, it became apparent that there was a need for technical support for both the sector selling Life Insurance product and the people buying the products. Optimal Insurance Solutions was formed over 20 years ago to answer that call.

For two decades, we have been assisting brokers looking for better answers for their clients. We work with professional advisors (accountants, lawyers, financial planners) looking to advise their clients. We offer in depth consultation on product, performance and outcome for both corporate and personal circumstance. We assist individual clients with their Life Insurance portfolios; maximizing performance and realizing financial goals with strategy and planned outcome. We construct strategies to identify and address the benefit needs, tax planning issues, retirement planning, legacy fulfillment and charitable concerns.

For corporate clients, the nuances of specific strategies can greatly affect the final outcome. We address the unique taxation rules, CDA, and exit strategies to produce the greatest return on your insurance dollars.

As technical specialists our inspiration came always from finding the ‘right’ answer; the mathematically dominant outcome in any given set of parameters. This mission statement ultimately lead to what has today defined us as a Consumer Advocate for Life Insurance in Canada. The vast majority of the time, we found that consumers were not aware of the ‘right’ answers. We found most often pertinent information was missing, poorly presented, badly analyzed, and flat out wrong.

Life insurance is often referred to as a product that is “sold” rather than “bought”. We believe differently. At Optimal Insurance Solutions our priority is helping consumers fully understand their Life Insurance coverage and through that understanding make well thought out and deliberate decisions regarding their insurance needs, their financial goals, their retirement plans and their legacy wishes. You should understand, research and choose to purchase the most suitable product that meets your unique needs. We will help you do just that.

2At Optimal Insurance Solutions, We Put YOU First

We’ll start by providing an overview of your current Life Insurance. And that’s free.

We’ll give you some basic insight regarding your type of policy(s). And that’s free.

We’ll give you some points to ponder. And that’s free.

We’ll give you an overview of a product you are considering. Also free.

And if you want or need more, we’re here to help. We’ll uncover the details specific to you and your needs. We’ll identify the questions and find the answers you need to know.

3About The Owner Of Optimal Insurance Solutions

Jeffrey H. Cait is the founder and CEO of Optimal Insurance Solutions.

Jeff was born and raised in Toronto; the son of a builder and a homemaker. His childhood he reports, was filled with family and sports and both remain the core of his happiness. When he was fifteen, his father passed away quite suddenly. “My mother was left with three children to care for and no money; she found employment and struggled for the rest of her life. We were happy and together but never on easy street. Today at 88, my mother still knows how to stretch a dollar and a loaf of bread. I was encouraged to pursue my education and to make a better life for myself.”

Jeff’s natural draw has always been to numbers. He cites his favourite university course was game theory and the application of numerical probabilities. When he graduated with a finance based MBA and looked for a career path, he was immediately captivated by the insurance business. “I expect the insurance industry was a draw for me in large part because of my mother’s struggle. Imagining the extraordinary impact that one piece of financial planning would have had on our lives is in the backdrop of every piece of business I consider. I am passionate about the work I do.”

Jeff is a Life Insurance specialist. His career began with a major insurance company where he focused on building insurance products in Life Insurance, Pension, Savings Products and Group Benefits. His current expertise in these areas was developed in part from the intimate and detailed dissemination and manufacture of exclusive product with the twofold objective of profitability for the company and to ensure the supply of competitive product to an agency sales force. Specifically, this technical underpinning allows him to identify and utilize the often undisclosed contract details that can alter and stimulate the significant impact of life insurance proceeds on an estate. Inherent in structuring life insurance products, is a very specific understanding of the taxation rules as they apply uniquely to life insurance.

As Jeff moved forward in his career, he combined his technical knowledge with advanced marketing support for the leading sales forces focused on a high net worth clientele. In various capacities over 30 years, he has been engaged by elite advisors consulting on specific cases, developing strategies and joint field work for personal scenarios, corporate matters and very specific applications of tax and estate planning. Jeff’s technical background has given him the opportunity to support the philanthropic community where the concerns of both charitable organizations and donors can be addressed with the significant impact of Life Insurance.

Jeff has included education as an integral part of the package he brings to every organization and every partnership. He has been engaged by private corporations and industry affiliations to instruct full courses and to present specific lectures. To date, Jeff has taught all of the CLU, and CFP courses, PFP as well as the insurance sections of Masters of Taxation (MTax) graduate program. And he continues to teach. Today Jeff’s focus is on Optimal Insurance Solutions, a company he founded more than 20 years ago. It pulls together the entirety of his career and all of his expertise. “Each situation that crosses my desk inspires me; each set of unique details represents a mathematical quest. I love what I do.”

Jeff also holds the following professional designations: MBA, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, TEP

4Optimal Insurance Solutions Is Your Advocate

Insurance products move from the insurance company to the consumer through a distribution system and ultimately a salesperson. The product paying the best commission for the broker is likely also the best outcome for the insurance company. A client is left between a product designed to ensure profitability to the insurance company, and a broker paid only on sales commission. So if it’s best for the two entities making money, is it the best product choice for the party paying the premiums? The odds are not in your favour.

You need an advocate that can evaluate your need, the product, and the suitability of that product in your very specific situation. Good decisions can only come from good information. Good information will only come from an advocate with extensive contract knowledge, a financial background, exceptional product expertise, tax and estate proficiency as it applies specifically to Life Insurance.

We are your advocate; we have the expertise you need. We’ll make sure that you have the factual information and a better understanding with which to properly evaluate how Life Insurance works best for you. Our #1 goal is to make sure get the right policy at the right price, and that it best addresses your specific situation.

We want to make sure you understand your policy. If you are missing information, costly mistakes happen. Misinformed consumers end up buying either more insurance than they need (money wasted) or less coverage than they actually need (opportunities missed). A large number of policy contracts have advanced features that significantly affect the final outcomes, presenting policy owners great opportunities or devastating results. We'll make you aware of those features and show you how to manage them.

If you don’t have a firm grasp of how your life insurance policy works during your life, it may not work the way it was originally intended when you die. You need to know what we know about your Life Insurance.

53 Steps To Finding The Optimal Life Insurance Policy

Initial Consultation

We offer our initial review to you freely as your life insurance experts, whether you decide to purchase from us or not. We’ll take a look at your current Life Insurance policies; We’ll look at any proposal you are considering. Whether you’re reviewing your current policies or considering a new purchase, we want to know what you think you have, what you think you need and how you think it works. Based on the information you provide, we’ll review the details, complete an analysis and report back to you with our comments. The more specific and detailed your information is to us, the better we can advise you.

Create A Proposal Based On The Numbers

When opportunities for you are identified, we’ll crunch all of the numbers and present you with the options that make the most sense for you. We look at your current needs and goals as well as how things may change for you in the future. We even factor in things that many life insurance agents don’t focus on like tax implications and contractual advantages that certain policies may have. Sometimes the answer will be found in product selection and often the answer is optimizing a product (or the portfolio) you already have. We’ll let you know the good the bad and the possibilities considering your unique Life Insurance position.

Answer Your Questions

Many of our clients come to us for a second opinion, and we’re more than happy to provide that service. Often clients will engage us to represent them as part of the advisory team working along side of existing professional advisors (even other life insurance agents). We’ll make sure the issues are addressed and solutions measured using a mathematically sound analytical approach. Our #1 priority is finding you the Optimal Solution where Life Insurance solutions are an appropriate (and often dominant) financial solution. We are great believers in collaboration so we welcome the opportunity to work with you independently and with your team where its desirable.

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There’s no cost or obligation to get a review of your options. Before you buy Life Insurance, you owe it to yourself to hear what we have to say.
Optimal Insurance Solutions, a Consumer Advocate for Life Insurance in Canada.

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