Frequently Asked Questions About Optimal Insurance

1How long has Optimal Insurance been in business?
Optimal Insurance was founded over 20 years ago. The backbone of the business is to establish optimal financial solutions using Life Insurance. Our specialty is optimizing the details unique to each contract. Our business has naturally evolved to an advocacy position, as policy holders become more acutely aware of financial matters in this ever challenging environment.
2When you say “Consumer Advocacy Agency,” what does that mean exactly?
It means we are focused on helping you.

We believe you should have the right information to help you make the best possible choice when it comes to your life insurance purchase, whether you purchase it from us or not.

We also believe you should have accurate information about policies you already own. It is our experience that a full 90% of policy owners are missing valuable information. We believe you should have that information.
3Is your offer to evaluate my current life insurance or a life insurance policy I’m considering really free?
The initial analysis is 100% free of charge and obligation. It will be a summary of the information you can provide and the general commentary we can offer. Although we’d love to have you as a client, we’ll evaluate your current or prospective life insurance at no cost and give you some great feedback. We also offer an in depth analysis, a Transparency Report™, of any policy you own or are considering for purchase. Should you decide to engage us for this detailed investigation, we will begin with expectations, an outline of the process and a quote for service.
4What’s your process like?
It’s a simple and straightforward process. We’ll review your policy, do an analysis and send you the details. Our process is completely transparent and focused on helping you fully understand your current or prospective life insurance coverage. In fact, we encourage you to share the results with your current life insurance agent or advisor and ask him or her to discuss the issues that are raised. The free analysis will consider the policy information you can provide. A Transparency Report™ will be a more detailed investigation and will require us to examine specific aspects of your policy contract with the insurance company. This deeper investigation will often require a longer time line to finalize. Should you decide to engage us for this detailed investigation, we will begin with expectations, an outline of the process and a quote for service.
5Can I really include my other agent or advisors in the process?
Of course; we believe in collaboration. Unlike agents that focus on “closing the deal,” we want you to fully understand what all of your options are. We’ll do a fair comparison of the alternatives no matter who proposes them. We will gladly include your accountant in any analysis should you find it helpful.
6How much experience do you have?
Our founder and CEO, Jeff Cait, has over 30 years experience in the Life Insurance industry. His expertise includes a decade of product development inside one of the major insurance companies followed by many years of technical, education and sales support to the elite salesforces housed in the leading MGAs. Jeff also teaches the designation courses for the more advanced Life Insurance brokers.

Jeff holds the following professional designations: MBA, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, TEP
7How do you get paid?
We offer a free analysis. We don’t expect payment for this service.

We do charge for an in depth Transparency Report™. We begin with an outline and a quote for you to consider. Our fees work much the same way your accountant’s fees are calculated. We charge for the time and research your investigation and reporting will require. However, if there is a product purchase made through us, the commission we receive from the insurance company will include payment of the report.
8I am considering legal action involving a policy I purchased. Can you help?
We have been involved in situations where our specific analysis has positively influenced the outcome for clients involved in litigation. Sometimes it’s the very specifics of the contract that we can point to (it’s valuable to have someone on your team that is familiar with both the old contracts and the new). Sometimes the analysis of the original documentation is the smoking gun. And other times, it’s a review of the communication, annual reports, and supplementary illustrations that provide the answers. We deal with the precise insurance policy issues and we have professional partners that address more specific litigation issues.
9Which insurance companies do you work with?
We work with all of the major life insurance carriers in Canada.
10What type of life insurance is best for me?
There’s no way to know the answer to that until we talk.

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You should know what we know about your Life Insurance.