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My name is Jeff Cait, and I’m the founder and CEO of Optimal Insurance Solutions. I have been in the insurance industry for some 30+ years.  My reputation is built on my technical expertise in the field of life insurance in Canada.  In 1983 I completed a Schulich MBA finance which led directly to a career with the insurance industry. My professional path has taken me from product development and marketing through high end sales support with the elite advisors in Canada.  I have spent considerable time developing marketing departments for significant MGA’s, undertaking their technical and sales training and support.  Most recently I served as the Director of Estate and Tax planning for a leading Managing General Agency.  My company Optimal Insurance Solutions has been in successful operation for over 20 years.

I am engaged most often for my technical expertise and contract knowledge as they are applied to estate and tax scenarios, for both individual and corporate clients. I am challenged on a daily basis to provide unique and accurate information to an array of situations where Life Insurance is, or can be, a component of a portfolio. I am called upon for product knowledge, unique application, contract intricacies, taxation outcomes, legislative guidelines, and strategic planning as applied to life insurance solutions. My clients are concerned with personal matters, corporate matters and charitable matters. My client base consists of professionals (accountants, lawyers, advisors) as well as private individuals.

The majority of my practice is working with elite producers on their more technically challenging and larger cases where my level of expertise becomes instrumental in the successful conclusion of a planning strategy.

A portion of my business is dedicated to policy valuation services.  My expertise in tax law, accounting practices in this matter, and experience with the current CRA considerations are complimented in this area by a long history of assisting clients in the charitable sector, where policy valuations are critical.

How we can help you
Professional advisors outside of the life insurance industry are often in a position to advise clients on their current portfolios and more often these days, are approached for opinions on new proposals. We can provide the insight you need to properly consider any Life Insurance component. We can add the value your clients are looking for; we can ensure you bring meaningful and specific analysis to any portfolio, corporate or personal. Together we can establish strategies that specifically address retirement, the financial impact of premature death, buy-sell agreements, effectively manage tax considerations and examine any exit strategies to ensure the greatest ROI to the estate. There are very specific and unique aspects of the tax treatment of life insurance that are essential considerations in a well planned strategy. The difference in what seems small detail can be a substantial difference in the bottom line. Life Insurance will likely have one of the largest financial impacts on any estate and yet is often overlooked in comprehensive reviews, which is truly unfortunate; opportunities are missed, mistakes are undetected, negligence allowed to flourish.

Immediate concern: clients currently holding permanent life insurance policies with future values based on policy interest rates. Devastating results are beginning to surface for huge numbers of policy holders.

We encourage all accountants to review their clients' insurance policies in their annual review. We can help.
You need to know what we know about that Life Insurance policy. Lets talk.

Partnering with Life Insurance Brokers
In an environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult to access support, we offer you that expertise. We can bring specific analysis to address any situation. Where you need product comparison and selection, we can guide you through contract and performance details. Where you need to develop strategy we can provide you with portfolio analysis and recommendations. We can support and liaise with your clients and/or the professionals involved in your case. We enjoy meeting new accountants and talking numbers!

We can help you, help your clients. Let’s talk.

If you are looking to pursue a partnership or perhaps looking at just one particular case, I would be pleased to speak with you.

I am a true believer in collaboration. I believe combining expertise to a common goal creates exponential opportunity for innovative solutions.

I look forward to the opportunities,

Jeffrey H. Cait MBA, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C. TEP