Making sense of life insurance

Insurance contracts are one of the most complicated financial products on the market, and yet are rarely understood in any detail… And here, the details really matter. You are talking about a financial commitment on both sides of the contract that will play out over long periods of time. Every detail will be compounded and magnified over the years. The right choice in the beginning will require that you understand what those elements are and how to effectively manage them to best suit your personal situation.

There is a sea of choices in every type of life insurance and additional differences between each of the insurance companies. You need expertise beyond the marketing material to really evaluate your best choices.

The “illustrations” you’ve been shown are more accurately described as pictures of possibilities, they are not guarantees and may not even be reasonable guesses. We can dissect those sales graphs for you and highlight the facts you need to focus on.

If you have existing policies there are likely details in the contract that you may have influence over, that can affect performance or even give you access to significant opportunities. Older contracts are often gold mines that are simply ignored, or worse allowed to lapse in place of a newer contract (and a commission earned).

This current low interest rate environment has had (and will have) a detrimental effect on interest sensitive policies and you need to know that too. If things are going south you need to identify that sooner rather than later; there may be steps you can take to minimize any negative events.

And it all comes down to the math. Everything is measurable.
The short story is that you need much more than sales ability to properly analyze an insurance product. You need a financial background, extensive contract knowledge, tax and estate knowledge, and experience from the inside to really understand how these products are built, how they work and how they will perform.

We have all of that and more.

We bring to the table 30 years of experience in the industry with an extensive history building product and the marketing material for a major insurer; 3 decades providing technical support to sales agencies; a rich history of providing product education throughout the industry; continuing education to individual advisors pursuing higher learning designations; as always, offering specific counseling and support to individual and corporate clients and their advisors.

You should know what we know about your Life Insurance Policy.