A unique feature we offer to clients engaged with us is the Transparency Report™.

This report is the summation of the policy investigations we do on your behalf. It details all of the information very specific to your policy(s). The Report includes investigative work with the insurance company. It includes a review of contract details that may arise in the investigation. A summary of realistic performance expectations will be included. The Transparency Report™ will itemize specific recommendations, how/where you can address performance issues. It will put each piece into perspective within your portfolio and within any given strategy. We will make recommendations where necessary. Should you find it valuable, we will liaise with your significant advisors (perhaps your accountant, or lawyer). All documentation will be completely transparent, just as the name suggests. You will know the bottom line, the guarantees, the potential, the pitfalls and all of the assumptions made to get there. And we will walk you through it, piece by piece.

With the original documentation, we can demonstrate for you how the performance compares … the actual results vs the original illustrations. We’ll explain what is different and why and, if you have options.

A Transparency Report™ should accompany every policy you own. You should know what you bought and how it will perform. And sometimes that’s enough! There are however a growing number of clients engaged in a litigation process to try and recoup from horrendous financial outcomes resulting from poor advice, lack of attention and a very low interest rate environment. For these clients, the Transparency Report™ will become a valuable piece of your case documentation.

You should know what we know about your Life Insurance